Honey Creek Tree Nursery


Our Tree Nursery

Our Tree Nursery

Honey Creek Tree Nursery is situated in the township of Honey Creek along Slotty Road in Sauk County Wisconsin. The nursery owners take great pride in the trees they grow. At Honey Creek Tree Nursery you will deal directly with the owners/growers and not a sales staff member. You will find an abundance of trees growing in perfect rows located in the midst of one of the most beautiful areas in the county. The young trees have been growing very well and will be ready to find new grounds whether it is your home, business, or community this spring.

We offer twelve varieties of Maple, five varieties of Oak, four varieties of Crabapple, multiple varieties of hybrid Elm, two varieties of Linden, and much more! Check out the tree types for more information about all of the trees we have to offer.

Our trees can be viewed by appointment. We can dig your tree(s) and provide local delivery with our spade truck in Sauk, Dane, and Columbia Counties for a fee. We also can ship larger orders via freight outside of our local delivery area. For pricing information or to place an order please call (608) 370-2856 or (608) 544-3411.


Arbor Day



Arbor Day is the day when everyone can go out and plant a tree. To celebrate this day and to help remind everyone that in this digital age we still need to make time to go outdoors and enjoy nature!

Arbor Day – History:

Arbor Day was suggested on January 4, 1872 so that farmers in Nebraska would have better wind breaks, building material and a more pleasant landscape than the tree-less plains they found when they arrived.

Since that time it has evolved and has spread around the world. Today, planting trees is more important than ever, since they act like a filter and improve the quality of our air, protect our water, save energy, and improve the overall wellbeing of people who live and work nearby.

Contact us today about our trees. Happy Planting!

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. -Warren Buffett-